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Bylaws and Constitution of The Players Theatre of Southern Oaks[1]

October 19, 2019 (REVISED November 10, 2020, REVISED October 15, 2021)


Article I-Name, Location, and Purpose


  1. Name-Location


The Players Theatre of Southern Oaks (hereafter referred to as Players Theatre), is a Residential Lifestyle Club of The Villages, Florida.


2. Purpose


The purpose of the Players Theatre is to provide a social, recreational, and educational Club for its Members to participate in theatrical productions and related events.


Article II-Membership


Club Membership is open to any resident of The Villages who materially participates on, back, and/or off stage under rules established by the Players Theatre Executive Committee.

Article III - Executive Committee

1. Composition

The Executive Committee may seat a President, Vice President, Secretary, and/or Treasurer.

2. Duties of Executive Committee

For the good of the order, the Executive Committee may create rules and policies as needed.

3.  Duties of the President

As directed by the Executive Committee:

a. Conduct day-to-day affairs for the good of the order.

b. Serve as The Players Theatre point of contact and perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.

4. Duties of the Vice-President

Perform the duties of the President in the event of his or her absence.

5. Duties of the Secretary

Perform those duties assigned by the Executive Committee.

6. Duties of the Treasurer

Perform those duties as assigned by the Executive Committee.

Article VI – Process and Procedures

  1. Financial Affairs

a. No membership fees are required.

b. No member shall receive any “salary” or “stipend” or any other monetary reward or payment from revenues received from Club activities (performances) other than actual expenses.

c. These Bylaws and Constitution shall conform to the parliamentary procedures as set forth in the most current Robert’s Rules of Order.


These Bylaws and Constitution are adopted, October 19, 2019.


David Saxe, President                       


­­­­­­­David Newell, Vice President


Laura Ann Saxe, Secretary


Kathy Newell, Treasurer


[1] D&D Villages Productions LLC (DBA) The Players Theatre of Southern Oaks

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